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I've divided the links section into three separate pages of links. Why? Well, since all the links are images, it just decreases the download time. Some of us (yes, ME) are still using the ancient way of 56k connection to the internet. If you have DSL or some kind of high-speed connection, well I'm so happy for you, you spoiled little bitch!

In the BAND LINKS section, you will find links to the official (or maybe even unofficial, who knows) websites of bands which I listen to frequently and have influenced my own music to some greater or lesser degree.... Or maybe I just happen to like that bands music and feel like promoting them just because I CAN. Hey, it's MY page, I'll do whatever I want!

In the GEAR LINKS section, you will find links to certain musical equipment manufacturers websites. I willing and joyfully use and abuse these companies products. If I don't think the companies products are worth a crap, well... you certainly won't find me linking to them! Want to find a link to the Crate website? You ain't gonna find it here, cuz they SUCK!!!

And lastly... In the OTHER LINKS section, you will find links to other websites. Hmmmm, you never know what kind of goodies you might find. Or maybe you'll be so disappointed that you'll become so incredibly depressed that you'll have no choice but to kill yourself. I would recommend the "hair-dryer in the bathtub" method. Just make sure you get an extension cord and plug it in out in the hallway. Most bathroom plugs these days are GFCI protected. The breaker will trip and you're liable to just end up partially paralyzed. And you thought you were depressed before!