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The Bloodletting
Lyrics and music by: Michael McConnell

A murder without motive and a body without arms
Remember when you scream that no one can save you from harm
I picked you for your beauty, for your hair, and for your eyes
This brutal fantasy I couldn't help but bring to life
I broke in through your window as you slept upon your bed
I lept upon your body, wrapped my hands around your head
You couln't even scream before I taped your lips together
I slid my tongue into your ear, "You'll be mine forever."

Dripping blood - Crimson flood
Flesh is cut - Throat to gut
Sick pleasure - Dismember
Stabbing surge - Hateful urge
The Bloodletting

I held you down and went to work with tools of stainless steel
I derive an equal pleasure from the pain you feel
Slicing open arteries, I watch you face expression
Terror overwhelms your eyes as they view this aggression
I slit your wrists to watch you bleed and slowly fade away
Sacrificial homicide, made to look like child's play
Murderous intention, a premeditated act insane
Slowly dying, choking, drowning on the blood which I have drained

Slaughtering - Butchering
Mutilate - Suffocate
Piercing skin - Probe within
Severed limbs - I've killed again
The Bloodletting